Colombia – Ecuador – Venezuela

Administrator | News | Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Some people are curious as to what is going on in Colombia right now with the strike the military conducted where they killed Luis Edgar Devia Silva, known as “Raul Reyes.”

Basically Colombian intelligence found the location of a terrorist that was the second in command in the group. They did an air strike from Colombian airspace into a rebel camp about a mile into Ecuador’s territory. The Colombian government did inform Ecuador of the operation, but I think left the details out.

Now Venezuela wants to get involved because the president from that country does not see the FARC as a terrorist group and has started a “diplomatic crisis.”

Bottom line is a leader of a terrorist organization is now dead and hopefully something positive can come out of that. Venezuela needs to mind their own business and let the Colombian president run his country. Ecuador needs to explain why it had such close ties with a terrorist organization before they start asking for explanations of any kind.

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